Mobile Marketing Advice: 6 Experts Tell You Everthing You Need to Know

by omarfonseca

If there’s one specific area of digital marketing that raises nearly every eyebrow when the topic pops up these days, it has to be mobile. From QR codes to Near Field Communications to mobile applications and mobile-optimized websites, (Check out SME on your mobile device — we’ve even gotten on board!), everyone has begun to come around to the fact that consumers are glued to their mobile device. That means your business needs to be there, too.

But, like many, you may be struggling to find time to understand more about mobile marketing. You want to know how it can be used for your business, but haven’t found the right resource, event or website to help you tackle it, right?

I recently attended Social Fresh in Baltimore where an entire day was devoted to mobile marketing. What better way to fill an assignment for Social Media Explorer than to just simply share the expert advice and tips from that day?

The marketing checklist for getting into mobile

Jeanne Hopkins from Hubspot

  1.  Lay the foundation. Review the company’s business, or build your own professional digital footprint. Figure out how many people are actually accessing your site via mobile. What role does mobile play in your company and does it make sense?
  2. Competitor review. Their strengths, their weaknesses. Look carefully and learn.
  3. Set yourself up for success. SMART. Specific measurable actionable realistic and timebound. Give yourself a goal and test in 90 days.
  4. Measure your success. What are you trying to achieve? How can you test it? If you can create regular reports on ROI, it will help you a ton.
  5. GSD, get *stuff* done. Take action now before it’s behind you. Jump in and try something

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