6 Reasons NOT to Create a Facebook Fan Page

by omarfonseca

Many companies are rushing to try and jump into social media because they feel tremendous pressure to prevent being left behind. Most of us have moved past the need to make a business case for social media and into the actual era of “needing” social media as part of our overall marketing mix.  The statistics on social media adoption are astounding. A recent study found that over 90% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. This is a drastic shift from where we were even just a short 2 years ago. In the same study, more than half of the respondents had less than 1 year of experience in social media.

It’s not surprising then that when faced with building a corporate social media presence, most are turning to Facebook as the answer. Facebook has become the strategy you “won’t get fired for.” I mean how could you? There are over 600 million users on Facebook so there is a good chance that your customers are there just waiting for you to engage them, right? I mean aren’t we all just walking and talking Facebook fans, right? Not necessarily. Here are 6 reasons a company should NOT create a Facebook Fan Page.

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