4 Tips for Converting Social Media Leads

by omarfonseca

Are you finding your social media efforts aren’t generating enough leads? Do the ones that come through “die on the vine”? This article will tell you why and what to do about it.

To fix the lead problem, you need to be able to easily identify where your “system” is breaking. There’s only one place to look for holes in your lead generation efforts: your sales funnel.

I faced this exact challenge and found that it wasn’t my strategies that weren’t delivering—it was the sales process that social media leads were being put through. Once I identified that, I worked on building a better sales process for social media leads.

Here are 4 tips to help you convert your leads.

#1: Identify Traditional Online Leads

Consider the type of leads you have coming in from traditional channels and where they’re coming from. Some traditional online channels that are putting leads through your sales cycle probably include paid search, affiliate advertising, banner advertising and I’m sure there are others.

However, what is similar in all of these? They deliver leads with a call to action that’s for immediate gratification and results in a very “short” sales cycle. They drive the lead to a landing page to “convert now.”

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