Additional Resources for How to Measure Social Media Return on Investment for the Complex Sale

by Nichole

Social Media ROI Funnel

Social Media ROI Funnel

Are you trying to figure out how social media is impacting your bottom line? Are you already measuring but not seeing the results you had hoped for? I wrote this post for Social Media Examiner and there is a link to see the whole thing below. But I also wanted to provide you with an example of a full Social Media ROI Dashboard as it wouldn’t fit in the original post. And wait for it…wait for it…I’ve also included a link to download the excel file. So please take a look…read the article…download the dashboard and most importantly, enjoy!

One of the reasons measuring the return on investment (ROI) of social media has sparked so many discussions is because it’s not easy. The main barrier to end-to-end measurement is the lack of a true social customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

While Salesforce and others are working hard to bring a full solution to market, many marketers are simply cobbling together data they receive from web tracking solutions and social monitoring solutions.

Unfortunately, this will only give you pieces of the story. Those with proprietary CRM systems will have the toughest hurdle, which is a challenge I have personally faced. In the short-term, the only hope is to integrate tracking cookies on your site and work with a development team to integrate with your CRM.

However, you can build an effective measurement strategy if you take a holistic view to social media lead generation. Here are four tips to make sure you are measuring the full impact of social media on your bottom line.

Read the full post on Social Media Examiner

Here is an example of a Social Media ROI Dashboard.

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about how I create dashboards for excel, so I decided that I would see how much you REALLY like them by offering a free download for a limited time,  here. Make sure to look at the 1st and 2nd tab. Sorry, you’ll have to have Excel 2007 to use it. I despise Excel 2003 and it would be useless to you anyhow. ;-) (Keep in mind that the numbers in this file are made up to demonstrate how you can measure, this would typically be linked to several sheets in order to calculate real numbers.) If you like these kind of resources, please tell me by leaving a comment and/or sharing this post. It’s a lot of work, so I’d certainly like to hear when my efforts are appreciated!  Trust me, I’m measuring your response. ;-)
To see the dashboard image full size, click here.
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Social Media ROI Dashboard

Social Media ROI Dashboard

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