5 Social Media Mistakes that Hurt Your Sales

by Nichole

If you’ve been using social media for a while and you’re still waiting for it to deliver positive revenue, here are some tips you can employ when your social media strategies are struggling to produce.

When you start any kind of social media activity, the ROI will probably be negative. Building revenue from social media activities takes time because you have to develop trust with your audience first.

However, there are many companies that have been using social media for more than 6 months and they’re still not able to show a positive ROI. Why? And where can you look to find potential sources of fallout?

Here are some activities that can kill any good social media strategy.

#1: You Have a Pushy Sales Strategy

Once social media brings in a lead, it falls into whatever the normal sales process is for the company. Most companies are not treating these leads any differently than their other leads. Here’s the challenge.

If your company has an approach that traditionally deals with what we call “fast” leads (that convert quickly and respond to multiple phone calls that ask when the person is going to be ready to buy), you may be turning your social media leads off with what’s perceived as “spammy” calls and messages.

We work hard to build relationships and develop trust in social media. Nothing kills that trust faster than screaming for the sale. Just remember that people LOVE to buy, but HATE to be sold.

TIP: Consider putting social media leads into a separate sales process with a different type of scripting.

Rather than asking when people are ready to buy, ask how you can be of service and what you can do to help them meet their needs. Use their answers to determine their time frame for purchase and gear your follow-ups around that.

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Nichole Kelly is the President of SME Digital, the digital marketing division of Social Media Explorer. We are the digital marketing agency that understands your bottom line. Her team helps companies figure out where social media fits and then helps execute the recommended strategy across the “right” mix of social media channels. They use a scalable content approach and measures the results to your bottom line. Do you want to rock the awesome with your digital marketing strategy? Contact Nichole

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