I’m pleased to announce that Full Frontal ROI is merging with Social Media Explore to form a new digital marketing agency. The new agency will be a division of Social Media Explorer called SME Digital. I am now the president of our new effort to combine forces and Jason Falls will continue as CEO of Social Media Explorer. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your company with strategy and implementation of social media and digital marketing to produce measures that connect with the three things that matter: sales, revenue and cost.

Social Media Explorer Leadership Team

Nichole Kelly, President, Jason Falls, CEO and Aaron Marshall, Chief Product Officer combine forces to launch SME Digital

This partnership has been brewing for a while. Most of you know that I have written for Social Media Explorer for a year and a half. Full Frontal ROI, has been firmly focused on delivering profitable social media strategies that are measured in metrics that matter to brands. Our no-nonsense approach and bottom line focus matched up perfectly with Jason’s “No Bullshit” stance.

Bottom line, SME Digital is stronger than either Social Media Explorer alone, or Full Frontal ROI was, now that we’re combining our efforts. The Full Frontal ROI methodology will continue and will be woven into what SME Digital offers for clients. Our plan is to focus on that bottom line measurement, coupled with smart, strategic approaches to our client’s business and build a digital marketing agency that brands will be proud to call theirs.

Working with Jason has been an amazing experience. He’s a true leader in the social media space that combines his intelligent ideas with a no-nonsense approach. Now that we’ve hit the ground running working on client projects, it has been amazing. We truly have something special here.

For the record, we’ve merged Full Frontal ROI and the consulting arm of Social Media Explorer. I have not been hired by Social Media Explorer. If anything, we’ve added Jason to our team. We’ve had the agency model for Full Frontal ROI fleshed out and focused whereas Jason added consulting to his information and education products when he needed to or the opportunity arose. This merger allows Full Frontal ROI to transition from a boutique social media firm to a full-service digital marketing agency with the combination of resources now available. For Social Media Explorer it provides the opportunity to apply the Full Frontal ROI methodology and framework around the consulting services that were previously offered.

Social Media Explorer now has offices in Louisville and Baltimore with SME Digital headquartered in the latter. We’ll have team members on both the information products side (events, The Conversation Reportour learning community, etc.) and the agency side (SME Digital) in both cities eventually. Our hope is to expand to 10-15 full-time staffers by year’s end, then grow from there.

We’ve got a lot of ideas brewing around social media integration with branded digital entertainment, fan advocacy programs and lead conversion strategies. But for now, if you’re looking for top-teir strategic help with digital and social media marketing, SME DIgital is here to serve. Drop us a line and let’s see how we can help you plan, execute and measure your digital efforts.

We appreciate all of your support and hope you will join us in our excitement for this new collaboration. The Full Frontal ROI site will continue and be the place where we discuss how the Full Frontal ROI methodology can be used for building measurable digital marketing strategies.

Read the release here.

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If there’s one specific area of digital marketing that raises nearly every eyebrow when the topic pops up these days, it has to be mobile. From QR codes to Near Field Communications to mobile applications and mobile-optimized websites, (Check out SME on your mobile device — we’ve even gotten on board!), everyone has begun to come around to the fact that consumers are glued to their mobile device. That means your business needs to be there, too.

But, like many, you may be struggling to find time to understand more about mobile marketing. You want to know how it can be used for your business, but haven’t found the right resource, event or website to help you tackle it, right?

I recently attended Social Fresh in Baltimore where an entire day was devoted to mobile marketing. What better way to fill an assignment for Social Media Explorer than to just simply share the expert advice and tips from that day?

The marketing checklist for getting into mobile

Jeanne Hopkins from Hubspot

  1.  Lay the foundation. Review the company’s business, or build your own professional digital footprint. Figure out how many people are actually accessing your site via mobile. What role does mobile play in your company and does it make sense?
  2. Competitor review. Their strengths, their weaknesses. Look carefully and learn.
  3. Set yourself up for success. SMART. Specific measurable actionable realistic and timebound. Give yourself a goal and test in 90 days.
  4. Measure your success. What are you trying to achieve? How can you test it? If you can create regular reports on ROI, it will help you a ton.
  5. GSD, get *stuff* done. Take action now before it’s behind you. Jump in and try something

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